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Development Sky Tourist, the beggining

friday, march 4, 2013

Posted by: Zoltan lading

Every game has a journey from start to finish, we thought ours was special enough to share with the world as well!  Our game, Sky Tourist is still in development and is getting closer to completion, but we still want to start from the beginning with our story.

It started with a mechanic idea from one of us (Zoli), and it elaborated as we started to get art behind the idea.  The mechanic was simple: to use your thumbs to guide a character, which flies about like a pendant on a necklace, around the screen through a series of puzzles.  Looking back on the first mock-up of the game brings back many memories, not all of which can be discussed at the moment due to time constraints.

When we first started with what we now call Sky Tourist, it began in a more confined / aggressive world that you can see above, with hostile creatures and unforgiving obstacles. 

This was a result of 2 different styles on the team.  First of which was the designer of the game, Zoli and the artis.  Zoli had created quite a number of mechanics / puzzles even in the pre-production of the game.  He was constantly playing with different ideas, many of which were quite hostile to encompass the challenging environment he was creating.

He’s style, on the other hand, was one that conflicted with such a world, as some might notice by looking at the image above.  The minimalistic style he chose took a more kind approach to the background story, as well as some of the mechanics (which we will talk about at a later time).   Eventually, there was a happy medium found between the two. One that David enjoyed working with and that Zoli could utilize his puzzles in.  The style was something that David pushed for from the beginning of his involvement.  He wanted to avoid bloodiness of any sort as well as any unneeded aggression.


After a few iterations, the next visualization of the game that was agreed upon by everyone looked something like this.  It created a more appealing environment to a wider variety of people, but still allowed for the challenges that Zoli had in mind.

One big change that is present between the two is switching of vehicles that propelled the player’s character.  The original wheels attached to the rope constricted us within interior environments, and because of the new direction the game was taking, it made more sense to be outside.  Obviously, floating wheels did not make much sense, so we went the more silly route and attached them to rockets, which are still present in the current version.

Another change that can be seen is the coins from the first image.  It was still something that we wanted to use as a mechanic to reward / influence the player, but they seemed to lack any character.  They were also changed to something more indicative of the environment around it, hopefully for the better!

This is what we can share for now because we are quite busy making the game as well as doing our other jobs.  There will be a lot more to come!


friday, march  18, 2013

Posted by: Zoltan lading

After more iteration, the final look of what we wanted the final in game art to look like took shape.  The larger, white edges presented in the previous post made for many issues in the design.  Although aesthetically pleasing in many cases, it just did not fit together for a game.  

When David first put together that iteration of the art we wanted less crowded levels.  After some time that Zoli got his hands on the new assets and started to create levels with them, things quickly got crowded and the white lines became an apparent problem.

The crowded levels were not necessarily a bad thing at this point, but more necessary to facilitate the puzzles that Zoli had laid out.  After some time, levels with more objects started to grow on us and we continued to use them.  We eventually did away with the contours on both the environment and the space tourist.  We enjoy the final outcome quite a bit (see below)


The contours were not the only thing to change for the more final version.  The coins also evolved again, into what we like to call: cubelets!  They seem much more fun with some personality added to them (their eyes and wings).


Development Sky Tourist, the beggining_2

Rhythm Repeat is finally coming to Android! After two great years of music matching fun, we are also adding 100 new music tracks to the game as well! This is a great reason for all those who loved it on release to come back and play some more!

Other additions to the game include a new "2nd Chance" button that will allow you to try again if you are on a major hot streak.  Use these wisely as you only have so many!  

Did we mention that Rhythm Repeat is going free on release as well?! When the update comes for iOS, and the release for Android hits the market on October 9th, it will be free for everyone!

thursday, oktober  4, 2013

Posted by: Zoltan lading

2 years anniversary

Development BADASS Trial Race

Our next game Trial Race is already under construction for a while. We are close to finishing it, and now we would like to share it with world.

thursday, march  19, 2014

Posted by: Zoltan lading


Development BADASS Trial Race

We are happy to announce that Badass Trial Race was soft launched in the New Zealand App Store.

The 100,  a logical step

More in a couple days...

thursday, July  24, 2014

Posted by: Zoltan lading

wednesday, July  29, 2014

Posted by: Zoltan lading

btr release

It’s been some time since we last posted an update about Badass Trial Race. We had a great run in New Zealand for our soft launch! The experience has been invaluable and given us a lot of information on how people enjoy the game that we made so far!

During this period, we also snuck in some other soft launches in different areas, among them being China, where we received the most downloads and a great deal of positive feedback!

We took some shots in the dark when it came to creating some fun content with the bikes, and from what we saw people vote with their (in game) wallets for what they enjoy.  That being said, we now have the knowledge to continue to make the most liked bikes, heads and other fun stuff.

Now that we have a good idea of users want, we will be doing an official release! Badass Trial Race is hitting the App Store on September 4th!

Additionally we made the game running on Mfi controllers, to let you enjoy it on your Favorite way.

Friday, august  29, 2014

Posted by: Zoltan lading

btr release

monday, szeptember  29, 2014

Posted by: Zoltan lading

Our next game THE 100 is out on google play.
Go adn grab it, to belong to the Hall of Fame of THE 100.